Entrepreneur Profile: Sergey Brin, Google Co-Founder

Born on August 21, 1973 in to a Jewish family Moscow, Sergey Brin grew up in an anti-Jewish time in Russia. In order to escape the Russian antisemitism, the Brin’s moved to the United States in 1979. Brin attended the University of Maryland and earned an undergraduate degree in mathematics and computer science. In addition to a earning a bachelor’s degree, Sergey attended Stanford University where he earned a master’s in computer science and began his doctorate. It was at Stanford where Sergey Brin met Larry Page, the other co-founder of google. Due to his current involvement directing projects at Google X, Sergey has put his doctorate degree on hold.

While working on a research project, Page and Brin came up with a search engine that yielded according to the popularity of the web sites. The duo named Google after the mathematical term googol, which the number 1 with 100 0’s following it. After raising $1 million in capital from friends, family, and other investors, Google was launched in 1998. Between the years of 2001-2011, Brin was the head of technology at Google and continues to assist the CEO Larry Page and Chairman Eric Schmidt with day to day operations. By 2004, Google issued an IPO that made Page and Sergey into billionaires.

In 2010, Google launched Google X which is a division of the company that is devoted to developing science fiction like technologies to solve modern problems. Brin runs the lab with Astro Teller, another scientist and entrepreneur. Google X began with the self-driving car concept. Since its inception, the Google self-driving car has been tested throughout the state of California with high levels of success. The only accident any of the Google cars have been in occurred when the car was manually operated by a human. Another famous concept that is actually closer to reality than fiction, is the Google Glass project. The Google Glass gives wearers many of the benefits of modern smartphones, but without the necessity of looking down at a screen. Another Google X concept is Google contact lenses which would allow diabetics to constantly monitor glucose levels without pricking their fingers.  Google X aims to tackle large projects that bring technology to the next level. In addition, Google X hosts a “Solve for X” conference where the company gathers some of the smartest people in the world to solve some of the world’s most difficult problems. Sergey Brin also had a large hand in launching Google +, Google’s social network. Google X has decided not to move forward with the Space Elevator concept, but ideas like the Space Elevator align nicely with Google X’s vision to bring science fiction to reality.

Sergey Brin helped launch a revolutionary company almost twenty years ago, but continues to drive innovation further than it has ever gone. With a background in mathematics and computer science, Sergey Brin adds tremendous value to Google. Google is a company that started as a search engine, but has become a revolutionary tech, lifestyle, and forward-thinking company. It appears that Google X is such a futuristic venture that we will not even realize the contributions of Sergey Brin for years to come.