Entrepreneur Profile: Eamonn Fallon

Eamonn Fallon was one of two brothers who began Daft.ie, Ireland’s largest property website, in 1997. Eamonn, a 20 year old student of Trinity College Dublin at the time, found a pain point in the marketplace- people were fed up searching for rental properties through classified advertisements in the newspapers. Daft.ie was established as a listing of the rental properties available in Dublin. It was a part time venture for the two brothers as the venture gained a user base. According to an interview Eamonn gave, the company didn’t make any money for almost 6 years. The Fallons slowly let the business grow before looking to commercialize. The move towards commercialization came when Eamonn said to a friend that he was going to be moving out of his house so he’d be looking for a new place to live and his friend suggested that he try Daft.ie.

In 2004 Eamonn left his product development job in Cape Clear Software to focus on Daft.ie and become the CEO. Over the next five years revenue grew steadily until in 2009, Deloitte Fast 50 Awards recognized the company as the fastest growing tech company in Ireland. Daft.ie has evolved with its users. Since it was first established as a list of rental properties in Ireland, many of these early adapters of the website were beginning to look for their first homes. Daft.ie  now lists 90% of all properties for sale or rent in Ireland.

According to Eamonn, the core of what made Daft.ie work was that they weren’t looking at it as a property site. They were more focused on the need that had to be met- enabling a user to find a place to live, rather than being sidetracked by the things that made money during the boom. Their focus on the user first and foremost left them unaffected by the collapse of 2008.

Eamonn has since co-founded Ireland’s first online-only news platform, thejournal.ie, which is now accessed by 20% of the Irish population. He has also established a holding company, Distilled Media, which is a holding company for many of Ireland’s most popular internet brands.

The Fallons have received numerous awards through their ventures, including the EY Entrepreneur of the year award and the Internet Moguls Award from Eircom Spiders.