Drinks & Demos: Health Tech Innovations

The entrepreneurship event I attended focused on the innovations in the healthcare industry in the Greater Philadelphia area. The event began with drinks and open discussions around the Demo Companies. The atmosphere around the room was electric. Being a younger crowd, there was a lot of networking and casual conversation as Michael McDonald and I learned as much as we could about the Demos. After the happy hour, Tom Olenzak, the guest speaker, expressed the challenges facing the area, as healthcare costs in Philadelphia are some of the highest in the country. After this discussion, there was a lightning round of Demo presentations. There were a few Demos that really caught my eye:

Better Alerts- This company is trying to revolutionize the alert system for elderly and at risk individuals. With Smartwatch technology, Better Alerts sets up reminders for pill taking, and a much more efficient way of contacting the right people at the right time. With the ability to program up to 10 emergency contacts, it ensures emergency services are contacted at the right time, and a close relative or care professional when not as serious.

BioBots- This is a company that is using a 3-D printing machine to build new tissue. Obviously still in the early stages, the idea that we could produce tissue to regrow limbs is something that sounds like a fantasy. The fact that this kind of technology is in the works is an extremely positive sign towards the future in Healthcare, especially in Philadelphia.

This was an eye opening event for me. As someone who is extremely interested in technology being from the Silicon Valley, I had no idea the tech scene in Philly. Having speakers come in and talk is one thing, but being in that environment encouraged me to look deeper in to the start-up scene in the area. As this was not an event located on the official list, I highly recommend adding this. The combination of a comfortable atmosphere and young people working together to advance the healthcare industry created the perfect environment for people to learn and grow as budding Entrepreneurs.