Discovering City Coho and TruckBox

On March 27th, 2015, I had the opportunity to take a trip down to City Coho, which is a co-working space on Walnut Street.  City Coho has partnered up with The Sustainable Nexus, which is an organization that is geared towards having a positive influence on Philadelphia’s social and environmental efforts.  City Coho has become one of the most popular co-working spaces in the Philadelphia area and it is also the only co-working space that follows the Go-Green initiative.  The organization strives to develop an environment that allows entrepreneurs and professionals to work in a collaborative atmosphere to make the world a better place.  The office has 3 conference rooms, desk space, wellness programs, and most importantly a number of ping pong tables.  This organization has developed a great outlet for students and professionals to work efficiently and effectively.

During my visit, I ended up meeting an entrepreneur by the name of Matt Stachel. Matt founded a tech company a few years ago and he also runs a construction company.  Both of his ventures have been successful and he is currently working on a third venture called TruckBlox, which is set to launch in a few weeks.  Matt had the opportunity to hire 4 programmers from the Philadelphia area and they have been instrumental in developing his application over the past few months.  In addition, TruckBlox has already raised a hefty amount of funding from private investors.

TruckBlox allows truck drivers to use a CD radio, which is implemented within the applications functionality, to alert other drivers in the area for department of transportation inspectors.  The application also utilizes geo-tag locations to alert drivers when they are in a specific location that may be filled with inspectors.  Matt realized that many of his drivers complained about the random inspections they encountered from DOT officials.  These inspections also cost about $3000 each and this put a huge dent in the company’s profitability.  As a result, Matt set out to appease this issue with his venture.  Be on the lookout for TruckBlox on both Android and IPhone devices within the next few weeks and I believe this venture has the potential to be extremely disruptive within the transportation industry. Also, the application is free so everyone should give it a shot.