The VSEC Finalists are Announced!

VSEC LogoThe finalists of the Villanova Student Entrepreneurship Competition (VSEC) have been announced! The teams are:

City Explorer – an app for travelers to easily identify the main areas to explore when visiting a city

Coffinga – a 100% natural energy drink developed by replacing the ingredients of popular energy drinks with their natural equivalents

Q: The Social Jukebox – a free mobile app that allows users in a bar, restaurant, or other enclosed venue to vote on which songs they would like to be played creating a social atmosphere with other app users

Removable Tattoo Ink – an easily removable tattoo ink consisting of iron oxide nano particles as a pigment and a sterile alcohol solution as a carrier

SimpMe – a service for students that facilitates the learning of complex terms

SkyVision – a company that provides high quality drone services to research teams, entertainment organizations, and other groups that require drone services but are unwilling to pay the costs of maintaining their own

SlipShare – a web and mobile app aimed at adding efficiency to the boat docking industry with a reservation and payment system that connects short term dock lessors with lessees

Tavolo – Restaurant Pager Replacement System – a mobile application that aims to eliminate 50-75% of the existing restaurant pagers given for long wait times

Villanova Runs on Holy Grounds – a method of reducing the environmental impact of coffee consumption by extracting oil from used coffee grounds from Villanova’s Holy Grounds and converting it into biodiesel

Vivify – a wrist-worn device that keeps you awake by constantly monitoring your heart rate and vibrating if it senses that you are falling asleep

Congratulations to all of the VSEC finalists! We look forward to continuing another successful year of the Villanova Student Entrepreneurship Competition!