Indy Hall: The Center for Creativity and Innovation

This past Thursday, March 19th 2015, Frankie Nespral and I visited Indy Hall in Philadelphia, which is on 22 North, 3rd Street. Indy Hall is known for having a huge co-working space.  Anyone can go there and feel comfortable to work and be apart of a “bigger” team. We took a tour of the building and it was really fun and interesting. There were different designs all over the building that artists have made and there were desks and computers that people worked at too. A red desk meant that the person working there has a membership and is a basic, six-pack, lite or full member. If a person just wanted to come for the day, then he or she is able to buy a one-day pass for 30 dollars. We found out that scientists, photographers, artists, and business owners come in and work there. This shows how Indy Hall allows for anyone from any field to come and work there. While on the tour, the tour guide said that there were two Asian women who met and realized that they both knew how to speak Chinese.The women ended up talking and got to know each other and eventually they both started up a publishing company. This shows how these women had no original intentions to start a business but by meeting in Indy Hall, they joined together and started a venture. I thought that Indy Hall had a very cool and calm environment where I would even feel comfortable to work there. It is amazing how some businesses are created when the entrepreneurs do not even have the intentions of doing so.