Musings of Mr. Mosko, President of Sony Pictures Television

The Reception

From day one of freshman orientation at Villanova University, the ideas of community and togetherness are instilled in undergraduates beginning their college careers. I remember being told “once a wildcat, always a wildcat” numerous times, yet I never fully realized the scope of what that truly meant until last night. Last night, our cohort got the chance to see an idea become reality, planning turn to action, and the hard work of the many people involved with the creation of the pilot program of Villanova on Set finally pay off.  Last night, I got a chance to see over one hundred Villanova alums living and working in California gather into the community I was told to envision from the start of my time at this school. Last night, we all got the chance to be together and share the one thing we have in common – being an essential piece of Villanova, and being proud of that fact.

The Speaker

We were also very fortunate to have Mr. Steve Mosko, the President of Sony Pictures Television, as the keynote speaker for the Villanova on Set reception. Mr. Mosko has had a long and distinguished career in television production, having run a TV station in Philadelphia – WPHL-TV, before joining Sony in 1992. He explained to us that it was in this capacity that he realized his love for television, specifically how it is produced and how the studio producing it is kept up and running. After joining Sony he quickly moved up the ranks before becoming President for the television arm of the company in 2000.

His ascension to this position of power was not without hardship, however, and Mr. Mosko made note of this when he spoke about his first attempt to secure an internship at a local TV station (he later became the head of) while he was in college. On the phone with the internship coordinator, he was asked what his grade point average was and when it was deemed too low, he was rejected from a position. Echoing a common theme we have heard throughout this trip, Mr. Mosko explained that personal success within the jobs of this industry is not predicated on what your grades are or what degree you may or may not have. Instead, it is about work ethic and being passionate about what you do. There is no substitute for hard work, and this is a lesson that can be applied to success in any career path.

Surprisingly, Mr. Mosko was also very open and honest about the recent cyber attack against Sony and the lessons he and the company learned as a result. He spoke candidly about the effects of such a profound violation of privacy, which can prove to be very difficult to manage while in a position of authority, but above all else he spoke to the resilience and strength of the company and its people in the wake of the attack. The lesson to be learned is that his employees moved forward and stayed strong, making Mr. Mosko responsible for fostering an environment where being passionate and dedicated to your job can allow you to overcome any obstacle in life.