Just Do It

Traveling with the Villanova On Set cohort this week in Los Angeles has been a positive experience. Our group has met with professionals who have woven their careers throughout the entertainment industry. Their generosity has been moving. Those we have met with have given our students insights into their daily (and busy) lives in their professions. One comment that stuck with me from one host was that he wasn’t “in the business, until he was in the business.” While success is hard-earned, the Villanova On Set Program has made the way to get started clear.

Paul de Lumen is a cinematographer and friend of Villanova. Mr. de Lumen’s career has seen him leading photography on a range of projects. He has filmed everything from commercials and music videos, to art installations, and feature films which have had him traveling the globe. In 2014, Mr. de Lumen worked with director Juan Carlos Valdivia on the feature Yvy Maraey, which follows the filmmaker on a journey to discover the roots of his home, Bolivia. Yvy Maraey has received acclaim, being featured at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and many other outlets. Like all of our hosts, Mr. de Lumen got his start just by doing it.

Mr. de Lumen’s experience is demonstrative of all of the professionals we met. Success is hard-earned, but it is not a mystery. The guest list assembled by the Villanova On Set has been impressive, including production personnel, executive vice presidents, famous actors and more. Everyone has moved their careers forward because of a strong work ethic and a passion for the entertainment industry. To those in the Villanova On Set cohort, I hope the way forward is clear: just do it. Search for those entry-level positions, like a production assistant gig. Excel in whichever type of work you choose and you will find your way.