Divergent. Twilight. The Vow. Step Up.

moviesEach of these films has one important aspect in common, their editor: Nancy Richardson. Richardson is a veteran in the industry and has been working in the field since 1984.  She was educated at UC Berkeley and UCLA School of Theater.


Throughout the week, Villanova on Set had the opportunity to meet with a variety of people within the entertainment industry from directors and producers to show runners and actors. However, Nancy Richardson displayed a unique viewpoint. People often have the misconception that editors only work once the movie is completed. However, Richardson explained that she is there working from day one tirelessly on editing and perfecting the movie to ensure the viewers see the movie in its best version. She also continues to work on editing once the movie is done filming.

We met with a multitude of executives in the business, and each stressed one particular point: success is only possible when there is passion. Richardson was a perfect example of this fact. Not only does she edit movies, but she is also a professor at UCLA School of Theater. She helps shape tomorrow’s industry leaders through her knowledge and experience. Furthermore, she explained that while she is editing movies, she may be forced to move for months out of the year to work on the movie and take a break from working at UCLA. She even told us that there are times when she goes straight from editing to teaching her class. No one could possibly spend that much time working if she did not absolutely love her work.

There is one story that Nancy told us that truly stuck out to me. She informed us that she started her career as a writer. She was successful after it had been picked up right after she graduated from UCLA. While she was talented and successful in her writing, she realized that it is not what she loved to do. She knew writing was not for her and even though she could find success there, she gave it up. To me, this truly proved how passionate she was about her work. Not only is she dedicated to teaching and editing simultaneously, but she is also focused on working where her passion lies.

It was truly an honor to meet with Nancy Richardson and a privilege to hear about her experience in the industry.