Dinner With Golden Globe Nominated Actress Maria Bello

Tonight we had the unique opportunity to share a wonderful dinner at the home of Golden Globe nominated actress and Villanova alum Maria Bello. Maria Bello, who originally is from Norristown, PA, is known for her astounding work in television shows such as ER and Touch, as well as her performances in movies such as A History of Violence and The Cooler, for which she was a Golden Globe nominee for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, respectively.

Maria, along with her partner Clare Munn, spoke candidly with us about her work within the entertainment industry, her modern family, how she got her start as an actress, and about her passion for working toward positive social justice and change through storytelling. Maria and Clare are both currently working with their own production company, Ground Seven Entertainment, which tells stories through the eyes of female lead characters and gives perspectives from different women around the world. The passion in which Maria and Clare spoke to us about their work was truly remarkable. They were very open to answering all of our questions about their work and how they want to evoke social change in society.

One of the most important lessons we learned from Maria and Clare were to do what makes you happy within the industry and to use your role in the industry to make the changes you want to see happen. Maria and Clare are wonderful examples of women who have paved a way for other women in the industry to bring forth important issues that people face worldwide and to continue to use your voice to create a lasting impact on society that you are passionate about and proud of.