Behind the Magic

disneyToday we had the pleasure of visiting Walt Disney Studios to meet with the President of Worldwide Post Production and Operations, Villanova Alumnus, Jeff Miller. Jeff Miller welcomed us right away with open arms. We were given a tour of the historic Disney archives and shown an in-depth presentation on Disney’s work flow and how they are able to keep the company standard.

A wonderful example of Jeff’s work can be found in the behind the scenes clip of the frozen “Let it Go” music video in 25 different languages. Jeff’s division was able to translate the lyrics of one of Disney’s most successful animated movies since Toy Story 2 into more than 20 different languages. When Jeff started working at Disney, the products were only translated into 12 different languages, and now they use greater than 40.

After learning the wonders of audio mixing, and experiencing Dolby Atmos in its pure surround sound form, we were able to walk around to the buildings that house different phases of the animation process, including the cutting building, and the old animation building. One of the most exciting things we got to see was the new Production Studio. The Digital Studio Center was opened 12-12-12 which serves as the hub of production for all of Disney’s movies and restoration efforts.

Jerry makes sure that the heritage of Disney is embraced everywhere in the workplace. The walls are covered in murals of Disney’s successful movies, replete with themed rooms. Disney takes pride in keeping all of their content up to the company standard, which includes restoring all of their older projects, all the way back to Steamboat Willie. We even got a peek of a color restoration of Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

As we continue to see the media and especially the entertainment industry shape our lives today, it is good to know that the people who are working at the core of one of the biggest Studios are paying attention to maintaining the heritage that has shaped our culture. It is also mind-blowing to know that what we see and love in the USA is made available in the same quality and being distributed all around the world for others to share and enjoy.