Innovation Update Day: The Future of Google Glass

IMG_1449Innovation Update Day would not have felt complete without Allen Firstenberg sporting a pair of Google Glass for his talk “Google Glass and the Future of Wearable Internet.” Firstenberg is a software developer and consultant, Glass Explorer, Google Developer Expert, and co-author of Designing and Developing for Google Glass. He began his speech by addressing a common misconception about Glass that it is a smartphone strapped to a person’s face. However, he distinguished that a smartphone draws someone into its world while Glass frees a person to connect to the real world. Instead of drawing attention away from one’s surrounding, it enhances people’s experience with the world around them.

Describing how applications should work with this new device, Firstenberg expressed, “The things we are presenting to people should be exactly what they want. In particular, he emphasized that they should be designed for Glass, not get in the way, stay relevant, avoid the unexpected, and be built for people. While these characteristics may seem simple, he ensured the audience that many developers miss or have trouble satisfying these standards. Firstenberg concluded by warning that it is important to make sure that Glass does a few things well instead of trying to do everything. Trying to do too much leads devices to become large, bloated, and not exceptional at anything.