Innovation Update Day: Q&A/Panel with the Speakers

ICE Day 5While everyone else was enjoying their boxed lunches, the presenters quickly finished their sandwiches to answer questions from the audience. A majority of the questions related to how to encourage innovation in the office. One of the panelists explained that a setback to innovation in large companies is that a majority of the companies are looking for ways to create revenue in the next minute while in the same breath, trying to innovate. Companies need to encourage innovation and open mindedness in the workplace. It is important to form teams and exchange ideas across departments. Bloomberg sets a great example for businesses to promote creativity in the office space. They offer creative venues for employees across departments to share a meal or snack and facilitate idea sharing and collaboration. The panelists also encouraged the students in the audience to use resources such as the Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship for guidance and support with their ideas.