Innovation Update Day: Charlie Dolan, Sequoia Waste Solutions

IMG_1407A 2014 graduate from Villanova School of Business, Charlie Dolan has showed innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship through his efforts at Sequoia Waste Solutions.  This startup has been recognized for its outstanding work done by students.

Dolan first thought of this idea while interning one summer.  He mentioned that he would see every week the garbage trucks pick up trash at the same time. But the problem with this was that sometimes the bins were either not full or overfull.  That’s where he first decided to learn more and co-founded what is now Sequoia Waste Solutions. 

To start developing this company, he talked about what he researched.  The first thing he addressed was the market that he wanted to enter.  Some of the people he found that were involved were waste generators, brokers, and service providers.  From there, they determine further issues that were affecting the trash market.  They realized that they could come up with a business that made collecting trash more sustainable.

Since graduating, Dolan and his team are continuing to improve on their business.  They are hoping to implement more tools to help track when garbage needs to be picked up.  In addition, they market their product to anyone from small businesses to large firms.  They hope with the innovation of smarter bins, they will be even more successful.  To learn more about Sequoia Waste Solutions visit