Innovation Update Day: Harnessing the Internet of Things with SAP

IMG_1445Midway through Innovation Update Day, a discussion of the Internet of Things was launched by speaker Michael Lynch, a Global Head at SAP. Illustrating a vivid picture for the future, Lynch exclaimed, “Imagine in the next ten years, everything is going to be connected to the internet.” In particular, he discussed the industrial aspects affected by this changing technology. He announced that we are currently in Industry 4.0 which signifies the fourth Industrial Revolution. With industrial facilities and equipment connected to the internet, workers at a factory will be able to see which machines are running well and which will need to be replaced. This aspect alone can save factories incredible sums of money.

Lynch continued to explain the role of SAP in the Internet of Things. He described one of their most valuable products, HANA, which is an in-memory platform that functions as a database and processor. He even compared HANA to a human brain because of its ability to process and spit out information. Since SAP aims to run the world better, Lynch expressed the incredible business opportunities that arise with this type of technology. To demonstrate his point, he used the example of John Deere. Known as a manufacturing company, John Deere has shifted to becoming a solution-based provider. For example, they are equipping their tractors with sensors in order to provide farmers with more information about their crop growth.

An insightful talk by an industry expert was a fantastic way to introduce the Internet of Things during Innovation Update Day and get people thinking about additional opportunities for the future.