Presenting Opportunities for Women Conference Welcomes Judy Wicks

The Presenting Opportunities for Women (POW) Conference sponsored by Villanova’s Women in Business Society was headlined by keynote speaker Judy Wicks. Judy has received a great deal of recognition for her work as the entrepreneur behind the White Dog Café, the author of Good Morning, Beautiful Business, and co-founder of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. She opened up about her life experience and her vision for how businesses should operate. Contrasting popular views on business, she stated, “To me, business is about relationships. Money is just a tool.” She carried this sentiment of emphasizing relationships throughout her speech as she described the establishing a sister restaurant program in Mexico and a mentoring program with West Philadelphia High School.

Judy also elaborated on the importance of being a localist and supporting your community. Sprawled across a water painting of Sansom Street on which she founded the White Dog Café, she display a powerful statement which read, “Taking responsibility for a place is the first step in building a sustainable local economy.” She described her vision that the world would be a global network of sustainable local economies in which communities would be self-reliant and not have to rely on trade from foreign places. Judy tied up her thoughts by declaring, “We are all members of the community of life on Earth.” Her sentiments were strongly received as students flocked to her table after the speech for a book signing and networking opportunity.