Innovative Course Helps Finance Students Learn the Art of Value Investing

David Nawrocki, PhD, the Katherine M. and Richard J. Salisbury Jr. Endowed Professor in Finance, developed the innovative course “The Art of Value Investing,” along with John Constable, Ben Auger and Lou DePaul. This nontraditional course invites high-level value investors into the classroom to provide insight into how they manage investment portfolios and companies. Over the course of a semester, students hear from 14 practitioners, giving them a widespread insider’s look into investment management and affording them the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers in a small group setting.

Speakers for this past academic year included representatives from Essex Equity Management, the Vanguard Group, Boenning & Scattergood and CEOs from Seneca Foods and Burnham Holdings. One such speaker was Elizabeth Vale, senior advisor at Promontory Financial Group. Vale shared with the students the knowledge she gleaned from having more than 20 years of financial and regulatory experience, holding elite positions at Morgan Stanley, working as senior advisor and business liaison during a 2012 senatorial campaign, and serving as executive director of the White House Business Council and business liaison to the White House Office of Public Engagement.

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