Humans of Villanova University: Bringing Faces to Strangers

HOVUManeuvering through a crowd by the Oreo while trying to quickly get across campus, it is easy to lose track of the strangers that we brush by during our day-to-day lives. Even members of the strong Villanova community can lose connection with those around us during their rush from class to class and building to building. Resisting the tendency to become distant to those around us, Humans of Villanova University has taken to Facebook to vitalize the school’s community in a new and creative way.

Inspired by the popular photo blog Humans of New York, HOVU posts pictures of a diverse group of people on Villanova’s campus including students, faculty, and members of the community along with insightful quotations expressing a distinct message.

The page strives to bring people’s attention to the countless strangers that they walk past everyday on Villanova’s campus while showing that everyone has a unique story. With astonishing success, this message immediately resonated with Villanovans who pride themselves on the sense of community present on campus. After its first day online last September, the Facebook page received over 1,000 likes. That number now rapidly approaches 3,000. Avid fans quickly arose as students, members of the community, and many people who were simply touched by the message swarmed to the page. They quickly began to flood the photos with positive and supportive responses. In fact, many of the passionate comments can be as heartwarming as the posts themselves.

While this mysterious presence on campus has caused a great deal of excitement to see who was behind this movement, HOVU remains committed to the ideas that they are spreading rather than the public image as they choose to remain anonymous. Perhaps the next time you find yourself speeding through campus, you can find an opportunity to get to know the story of stranger and realize the true message behind Humans of Villanova University.