College of Engineering to Partner with MythBusters Co-Host and M5 Industries’ Jamie Hyneman for Innovative Senior Capstone Project

Villanova University’s College of Engineering is partnering with Jamie Hyneman, Co-Host and Executive Producer of the Discovery Channel program “MythBusters” and owner of M5 Industries, for an innovative senior capstone project. Hyneman will co-advise and consult with a team of senior engineering students at Villanova, whose project seeks to utilize solar thermal energy to heat water for residential heating use.

As part of this project, a group of five Villanova mechanical engineering seniors will design, build and test a prototype. The engineering design students completed a theoretical study of a basic system as juniors last year and are looking forward to adding some unique aspects to their design during the prototype phase. This design aims to manipulate the properties of the heat absorbing fluid to increase its effectiveness at absorbing solar energy. The ultimate goal is to create an inexpensive, highly effective residential solar hot water system. As part of the upcoming senior capstone project, the students will work on system design and materials testing during the fall semester and focus on building and testing a prototype in spring 2015.

The capstone team will be advised by Dr. Amy Fleischer, a professor in Villanova’s mechanical engineering department and a widely recognized thermal design expert. (Pictured above: Professor Amy Fleischer with Jamie Hyneman at the MythBusters studio)

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