Chinasa Nwokocha (VSB ’17): The Development of Emoji Express Online Clothing Store

aefa348e95535a11bcbcd97fc9f005ad_largeOne of Villanova’s own VSB students, Chinasa Nwokocha, has begun a Kickstarter campaign for the launch of a new clothing apparel by the name of Emoji Express. She hopes to expand culture artistically, especially the African culture by incorporating it into a modern style clothing line. Rather than simply focusing on the flamboyant designs that are noticeable in most African clothing, she hopes to modernize her designs so that they appeal more toward the current generation. There can also be a simple side to these African designs, which can be incorporated into our everyday apparel. In doing so, Chinasa hopes to bring other cultures together through the art of design.

Growing up, Chinasa was never really liked fashion that much. However, Chinasa was influenced by her sister, Chinasa, who had begun to model, and she started to model as well. She began to really value the designs and the relationships that could be made in the modeling industry. She was also heavily influenced by a woman named Whitney Johnson, who founded the Ubuntu Africa Organization, which helps children in Africa with HIV. When Chinasa was a junior in high school, she produced a fashion show and raised $2,500 for this organization. She continued to lead this fundraiser her senior year, as well as during her freshman year of college. Chinasa’s company has partnered with this organization in order to provide more provisions for these African children.

Chinasa was born in Nigeria, and she likes to focus on the current economy, in order to make the most timely decisions for her new company. She hopes to expand it to the internet and sell her apparel online, but she does not have the funding to do so. Additionally, she is trying to expand her team, in order to have a supportive young team with the passion to learn, as well as to enhance her company through the media. If you could, please support Chinasa in this journey with her Kickstarter campaign!

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