Founder of DuckDuckGo Visits Villanova

duckOn Tuesday, August 26th, founder of DuckDuckGo visited Villanova University to discuss his new book and his experiences as an entrepreneur.  As the first event for the semester, the ICE Center was happy to welcome Gabriel Weinburg to campus.  Weinburg told students, faculty, and fellow entrepreneurs in attendance about the challenges he faced and the ways he learned to be successful.

Weinberg began his career after graduating from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Upon graduation, he helped with a few projects including an educational software company and a social network.  He then moved to Philadelphia where he not only began angel investing but also formed the idea for DuckDuckGo.

During his talk, he outlined the premise of his book titled Traction.  The book describes that in order to be successful in one’s entrepreneur endeavors, they must gain “traction” through one of the 19 channels he identifies in his book.  After identifying which channel pertains to one’s product the most, they can then begin to target specific audiences and gain “traction”.  To read more, Traction by Gabriel Weinberg can be found here.