Exploring IdeaBounce®: Skychat and Rentals By Martin

Martin Rodriguez pitching Rentals By Martin

Creative thinkers and aspiring entrepreneurs gathered in Bartley once again for the popular IdeaBounce® in hopes of gaining advice and connections to help develop their ideas, projects, and businesses on Monday September 22, 2014. At this event in particular, the amount of diversity stood out to me. With students from different universities and experienced entrepreneurs from the surrounding area looking to others for help, there were endless collaborative possibilities and exciting avenues to take.

One speaker that immediately differentiated himself in my eyes was Brady Acton, a Villanova freshman who is already active in the entrepreneurial scene. Only a few weeks into his college career, Acton passionately communicated the value and potential he saw in his product, Skychat. He described Skychat as “the first app that you can use a map to communicate.” This social network is planned to consist of a map with profile pictures representing the locations of your friends. The app will enable users to place pins for their friends with alerts, events, statuses, and miscellaneous items attached to certain locations. Acton explained that he is close to finalizing a deal with an angel investor which will hopefully enable him to accomplish his vision for Skychat.

Another entrepreneur whose enthusiastic pitch stood out from the rest was Martin Rodriguez. Rodriguez has been building his housing rental business, Rentals By Martin, for 20 years and has high hopes for its continued growth. Conveying his love of the rental market and expressing the resilience that his company displayed during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009, he exclaimed, “There will always be the need for renting whether the economy is in an upswing or downswing.” Hoping to expand the inventory that his company manages, Rodriguez is looking for an intern interested in engaging in a real world experience and gaining in depth knowledge of the rental industry.

Acton and Rodriguez are only two representations of the fantastic speakers that were present at this IdeaBounce® installment. This event continues to bring together great thinkers at Villanova and foster a collaborative environment with the capability of launching an early development idea into an international phenomenon.