Startup Weekend Philadelphia Health – Student Perspective

On Sunday March 30th, I attended the final round of judging for the Philadelphia Startup Weekend in Healthcare. I attended the event with my friend and fellow start up entrepreneur Monica Gilbert, who is currently working on the creation of family healthcare planning website to help individuals better advocate for their personal needs and medical desires within the current healthcare system. We were both looking to learn more about the overall healthcare field and to see how technology is integrating and changing today’s healthcare landscape.

Sunday’s judging featured eleven finalist teams that varied in size and ranged in concepts from mobile app’s to wearable smart devices. The final round was judged by a panel of five judges, Ming Fang, Joe Miller, Kim Eberbach, Peter Hotz, Elliot Menschik who each represented a different segment of healthcare. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity during the event to meet each of these judges and obtained business cards from several of them to help a fellow team at Villanova for their project in the entrepreneurship practicum class. It was so impressive to see just how far all the teams had been able to come within the 48 hour timeline of the event and all the teams offered very interesting value propositions. The team names included:

1. Mobimonitor
A wearable band to monitor heart function and prevent/alert strokes

2. PriCare
A service to help reduce triage calls from worried parents over simple problems such as dipper rash

3. Seebie
A website to track personal sleep schedule of insomnia patients

4. OnCall
A brokerage service for house call’s and moonlighting in urban areas so healthcare professionals can supplement their income

5. Together we care
Uses Blackberry’s to give real time health updates to your medical provider over a secure communication line

6. Medley
Making information on diseases into interactive games so that the public becomes better informed through a pleasant medium

7. Signals
Combine health and fitness information together in one website for real time tracking

8. AmICovered
An app to locate and check doctors that accept an individual health insurance provider

9. HouseKeeping
A service that would use QR codes in hospital rooms and nurses wearing Google glasses to track the patient flow through the hospital system and improve patient turnover

10. RegDesk
A crowdsourcing site from experts on medical legal advice for start ups

11. Well
An app for tracking drinking for social drinkers

12. Key CBT
A journaling software for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which would give a therapist real time feedback from patients

Of all of these great idea’s the pitch for OnCall won the first prize and took home the $50,000 check for their scalable model of a brokerage platform to send healthcare professionals looking to supplement their income by doing in home patient house calls. Other teams that placed in the finals were RegDesk, Key CBT, Well, and PriCare. Of all the teams, I thought that HouseKeeping was one of the best and most innovative idea’s presented so I was very surprised when they did not place. Their concept for using the nursing staff to monitor where the patience’s are in the hospital system, has the potential to produce so much useful data on patient flow that it could ultimately lead to reshaping the layout of future hospitals to make them more efficient.

I had a great time at this event and would full heartedly suggest and support any student interested in the subject of healthcare to attend. The networking and idea sharing at this event make for such an exciting atmosphere that you leave energized about all the future possibilities of change! I can’t wait to see what next year’s Healthcare Weekend will have in store.