Raising a Family and a Billion Dollar Business

For entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, the path to success is riddled with difficulty and failure. There are no exceptions, especially not for Warren A. Bechtel. Bankrupt in 1898, Bechtel had to find a way to raise a family. However, what he did not know is that on this journey westward to find opportunity, Warren Bechtel would end up not only raising a family, but also one of the largest construction companies in existence.

There are few people who exemplify the qualities of hardwork and determination better than W.A. Bechtel. Within a matter of years, Bechtel went from grading land to being a foreman, then an estimator, then the superintendent at E.B. and A.L. Stone. Throughout his career he was admired for “always learning” and being “a natural engineer.”   Bechtel was also a risk taker, accomplishing jobs that other engineers found too difficult or dangerous. These calculated risks were monumental in establishing his own contracting business.

Now, the Bechtel Corporation is one of the largest businesses for engineering, construction, and project management with the common vision of building a better world. While today it is a billion dollar industry that has worked on over 23,000 projects with 52,700 employees, the Bechtel Corporation remains one man’s journey to raise a family, learn the industry, and find opportunities.