The Happy Coincidence that Helped a Villanova Entrepreneur

For Villanova’s Spring Break 2014, I decided to go visit an old high school friend from Nicaragua who is currently studying a semester abroad in Western Connecticut State University.  I left Villanova Wednesday, March 5 and returned that Saturday, March 8 so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there would be a gathering of student entrepreneurs during my stay. I had already been looking for mobile application developers for my project, Fistudo, with little success in Villanova, UPenn and Nicaragua, therefore I thought that extending my search area would definitely help.

The event itself was very small (20-30 attendees) and was held in a conference room in the university. Out of the 20 to 30 people there, only about five knew some sort of programming (mostly HTML) and, out of those, only two knew mobile app programming. None of them had any advanced knowledge in it. Seeing this, I decided to at least pitch the basic idea (making sure I didn’t reveal too much) to everyone there and ask for opinions on things like branding, application layout and attractive events and functionalities for the application. The feedback I got was amazing. Many students got so excited about the idea that they gave me their email addresses to keep them updated on the development of the project. I also got a lot of positive feedback on many functions I was already planning the app to perform, such as letting people choose the audience of their events, the ability to buy tickets through the app, as well as some constructive criticism on ideas I still wasn’t sure on such as having the university sponsor the application (many disapproved of this).

After this great coincidence, I brought back some of the feedback and discussed it with my partner in the project, Zach Marks, and made the necessary changes to it. The results can now be seen in the link to the video above here