Miltz Media: Profile of Stephen and Wayne Miltz

quickmeme-logoStephen and Wayne Miltz are the founders of Miltz Media, an internet company that builds websites around certain fads that thrive off of user generated content.  They founded in 2006 and have been designing and acquiring websites ever since.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with them and learning more about their company.

They stressed how important it was to keep on innovating and designing new sites based around the content that was trending on social media in order to keep their users engaged.  Their early sites included fad sites such as, and, all of which focused around funny screenshots of text messages that were either sent while drunk, examples of autocorrect changing the meaning of a message or funny because of parent’s ignorance of technology.  All of the content for these sites was user generated, which allowed them to easily manage multiple sites at once.  They also used their popularity to build up a social media following for each of their sites.

Most recently, they have been involved with, which was once an internet meme generation site before they shifted their focus as the popularity of memes declined.  Now is focused around content that can be virally shared on social media.  They use the various social media presences that they have developed with their older sites to test content before posting it to the official Quickmeme Facebook page.  Stephen is in charge of content editing and social media posting, while Wayne works on developing their newest sites and ideas.  It was interesting learning from them how important the graphic and headline for the stories that they post on Facebook are, and how the change of one word can impact the click-thru rate of the content by thousands of users.  The internet market is constantly changing, and it will be interesting to see how the Miltz Brothers continue to innovate and adapt to these changes.