Competition < Collaboration

citycohoEver wonder what the workplace will be like post-graduation? Culture is strongly becoming one of the most important aspects to a work environment; Millennials are surely entering a completely new and [hopefully] innovative work force.

The emergence of coworking spaces such as CityCoHo Nexus leads the way in offering a completely new way of thinking about what this culture will be like. At their weekly “Tour and Pour” event, students are encouraged to get a first-hand glimpse of a truly collaborative and innovative space… all while networking with some of Philly’s eco-geeks, social entrepreneurs, designers, intellectuals, and pragmatists.

While many topics such as social entrepreneurship and truth were addressed, what stood out to me was this idea of competition we as Americans regularly encounter. It becomes the norm after some time. But, who said this is what the workplace should be like?

In a world where information can travel instantaneously and the exchange of services can happen at almost any part of the world, competition is definitely not the answer. To change this perception, coworking spaces are popping up around Philadelphia – and it’s a step in the right direction.

“More often than not, two people who are working on the same project typically have the final answers to crack the issues. Collaboration is way more powerful than any competition and I hope your generation can come to that realization” – Drew The Sustainability Nexus