Alumnus David Cloud Speaks on Campus About IP Strategy

On Tuesday April 15, the Villanova Entrepreneurship Practicum class was lucky enough to receive Villanova alumnus David Cloud. Mr. Cloud acquired his MBA in Executive Business Leadership from Villanova between 2009 and 2011 while finishing an extensive career at Boeing. During his hour-long talk with our class, he drew from knowledge acquired when he worked as the Director of Intellectual Property Strategy at Boeing and from the creation of his own company, IP Strategy Systems, and focused on the topic of intellectual property for small startup companies and businesses.

One of the facts that caught my attention during his presentation was when he stated that, according to recent statistics, the average S&P 500 company has 75% of its value in intellectual property and that number seems to be rising rapidly towards 90%. This statement opened up my mind to the importance of IP and made me reconsider researching more about it for my upcoming business, “Fistudo.” Just when I started thinking this, Mr. Cloud mentioned that he is currently in talks with Villanova to introduce an IP class at the university, a class that I would be more than glad to take.

For any fellow students trying to start a business, I would strongly recommend looking into this potential class, not only because Mr. Cloud is almost too qualified for to be teaching the class, but because he also has an impressive network of connections. He has close connections in many angel investing firms such as DreamIt Ventures and is also a member of Keiretsu Forum, the largest angel investor network in the country. Add all of this to the fact that Mr. Cloud is extremely friendly and sociable and you have got yourself a “must-take” for all entrepreneurs in Villanova.