Meyer ICE Winner Profile: Stephen Schraer (COE ’13)

coemeyerStephen Schraer, a 2013 graduate from the College of Engineering, received the Meyer ICE Award because he has shown initiative both inside and outside the classroom.  Majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Schraer proved that even with his rigorous course load, he was willing to help others.  After leading a design team, he helped develop an innovate solution to the significant global problems of un-exploded ordinances (UXOs) in developing countries.   To help further this new idea, he traveled to Cambodia where he worked with a team of experts that have experience in the field.  After graduation, Stephen has plans to continue his work on this project by returning to Cambodia and helping to create a product that can be used in other low-income areas.

Along with his developments in the UXO project, Stephen has also shown his passion for humanitarian technology and its advancements in today’s society.  He has essentially created a framework for future students that become involved with the engineering service program.  They will be able to help continue the movement towards humanitarian technology.  In addition, he was an event coordinator for the MATE robotics competition that allows middle school students to come to Villanova and explore their interests in robotics and engineering.

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