Meyer ICE Winner Profile: Ed Dougherty (COE Faculty)

coemeyerProfessor Dougherty has shown that over the past 13 years he is dedicated to helping students become entrepreneurs and remain innovative and creative.  As the Director of Engineering Entrepreneurship he developed a minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship in the College of Engineering.  In addition, Professor Dougherty helped to promote ICE Center programs and events throughout campus.  This has helped to gain interest in entrepreneurship amongst other disciplines.

Not only has Professor Dougherty helped to spread innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship for students, he has also done so for the faculty.  Professor Dougherty has been an inventor of several new products and holds patents on over a dozen electronic and software systems across many different industries.  One of his greatest successes was the development of the Skycam with a team.  For this project, they won an Emmy in 2003.  Professor Dougherty was able to bring his experience and positive attitude to the students at Villanova and help them become more creative and innovative.  Therefore, this is why he received the Meyer ICE Award  for 2013.

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