Meyer ICE Winner Profile: Cassandra Postighone (LAS ’13)

Jewellea-9224Cassandra Postighone showed her passion for innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship through her work directly with the ICE Center.  She was awarded the Meyer ICE Award for her dedication to the center and the work she has put in to help spread the word on campus about the center.  As a sophomore, Cassandra participated in the first ever Villanova ICE CaPS program and enjoyed it so much that she went on to become a mentor and student director of the program.  In addition, Cassandra attended the ICE Center first ever Villanova in the Valley trip.  On this trip, students from Villanova travel to Silicon Valley as ambassadors to learn and experience what it is like to work there.

With all of her involvement in the ICE Center programs and activities, Cassandra continues to believe that it is important to educate others on innovation and creativity.  She has spoken at many of the ICE Center’s committee meetings to discuss what the ICE Center has to offer students at Villanova and what entrepreneurial programs the Center sponsors.  Cassandra has played a vital role in the success of the ICE Center and making sure that both alumni and students become involved with innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

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