Meyer ICE Winner Profile: Alejandro Avellana (VSB ’13)

vsbawardAs a member of Business without Borders, Alejandro proved that he deserves the Meyer ICE Award because of his commitment to this club.  He took several service trips to Nicaragua to help provide health services to the people that might not have access to them.  He has led trips to Nicaragua to research the accessibility to medicine and health care that the people have.  Alejandro took initiative to help implement mobile telephones as a way of communicating health care related situations.

In addition to his work in Nicaragua, Alejandro helped Business without Borders to become partnered with a non-profit organization.  This non-profit is called Profugo.  Profugo has a tailor training program, water initiatives, and other community development programs for the people of Wayanad, India.  At an on campus sale of women ‘s handbags made from women in Wayanad, India, they made over $600 that was given to Profugo’s fundraising efforts. Creating this relationship between Profugo and Business without Borders helped lead to Alejandro receiving the Meyer ICE Award.

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