Founder of DiSorb Systems, Inc Visits Villanova

This week in class we had the pleasure of having Villanova alumnus Ted McLaughlin come speak to us. Mr. McLaughlin is a Villanova graduate from the class of 1990 who majored in economics and upon graduation took a sales job with Backster Pharmaceuticals. Being exposed to the world of pharmaceuticals and eventually finding his career path in sales capped, Mr. McLaughlin decided to take his future in his own hands and began to purchase and resell used medical equipment, starting his own company KM Custom Pack. Shortly after starting his company in used medical equipment Mr. McLaughlin became exposed to a new polymer product that could solidify liquid medical waste. Seeing the value and possibility of the product Mr. McLaughlin launched a new company, DiSorb Systems, Inc. in 2000 to focus on growing and creating a market share for liquid medical waste control and elimination.

Perusing the opportunity for three years with considerable personal financial contributions, and not seeing the success he had hoped for Mr. McLaughlin came close to giving up, but as luck would have it a great change in the market was coming. Starting around 2004, new government regulation required liquid medical waste to be solidified for elimination and DiSorb Systems exploded with growth! Today, DiSorb operates all over the world and services some of the largest players in the medical industry. Mr. McLaughlin now also volunteers his time with Entrepreneur’s Organization as both Mid-Atlantic Area Director and Philadelphia Chapter President which allow him to give back and share his experience and passion with other aspiring entrepreneurs!

Mr. McLaughlin’s time in our class was not that of a lecturer prepared to slowly destroy student’s attention with death by PowerPoint, but rather a whole class interaction. Mr. McLaughlin wanted to hear what ideas the students in the class had and then to not just give us his own feedback but wanted the whole room to help give feedback on the different ideas.  By making the class interact with each other to collaborate on ideas and problem solving, lead to great suggestions and resource sharing between the different teams within the class. Identifying where resources could come from and utilizing everyone’s opinion were the key value drivers that Mr. McLaughlin helped bring to our class. It was a great to have him in class and was a pleasure to meet him.