African Caribbean Villanovans Present Foreign Exchange

Fotor022715257I remember when someone told me: “Don’t think outside the box, think like there is no box.”

From that moment, I knew creativity was within arms reach. One of the most stimulating projects I’ve had to complete to date was the ACV (African Caribbean Villanovans) 2nd annual fashion show. The production was called Foreign Exchange and the point of the show was to highlight the essence of African/Caribbean culture through traditional clothing. All three of the main facets of the ICE program were thoroughly integrated into the planning and execution of this event.

One of our novel ideas incorporated bringing in carnival costumes from Jamaica for models to wear. Carnival is an annual festival that is held immediately before lent in various countries and aims at celebrating life. Another innovative idea was our Glow scene. We painted the models upper bodies with neon paint and utilized black lights to make our tribal work stand out in the dark. Some of the creative aspects of the show included bringing in a children’s step team to perform, or a congo drummer to introduce different African rhythms to the audience. Finally, the show was a huge investment in which we were allotted a budget.The trickiest part of the show was that we had to stick within the lines of the budget; luckily we had fundraisers as well. We needed to strike up bargains and deals with the tech crew, designers and more. Months of planning and patience went into this creation.

The finished product was great!