Nova Grad Transitions to Successful Entrepreneur and Investor

DiGatetano.JustinVillanova aspiring entrepreneurs can gain an understanding of what it is like to actually be a full-time business owner by listening to alumni such as Justin DiGaetano‘s(02’) story. Last Tuesday, February 25, 2014 DiGaetano described what it has been like for him, transitioning from a Nova grad to now a successful Angel Investor and Entrepreneur.

After graduating from Villanova in 2002, Justin found himself in a good place. He had landed a job with one of the “big four”, where he provided professional services for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC). But, something was missing. Early on, he realized the large amount of work he was putting into PWC. He enjoyed his job and the opportunity to travel, but one begins to wonder after all of the flights and hotel nights: “couldn’t I be doing something else with my time?”

This is an important point in one’s career as an entrepreneur. In my opinion, it is what defines one as an entrepreneur and separates them from the crop of “Wantrepreneurs.” And it isn’t an easy task. You risk everything- giving a steady paying job, with security to begin a new venture. If it were easy, I’m sure a lot more people would be reaping the benefits. This very idea led DiGaetano to change direction of his life completely.

While still working at PWC, he and a buddy developed and began NovaFantasySports. They loved Fantasy Football leagues and realized there was a huge demand for getting other people who love fantasy football their news about players, quicker. NovaFantasySports operated for 5 years and eventually led him to transition into VIPFanCoonect. Going from one tech company to another, DiGaetano says “The key is to find something that you love to do and you are passionate about.” Everything else works from there.

As an already seasoned entrepreneur, DiGaetano knew he would now be working with a bigger staff. And, in order to make another opportunity a success, he must have to begin to think like an owner. “This is what makes teams efficient and work at a high level.” Accountability is a huge factor in organizational success, and DiGaetano understood the concept of getting others motivated.

“Life is about connecting the dots,” adds DiGaetano. Every person is an extension of the experiences they have encountered in life and what they have learned from these experiences. He emphasized this point throughout his talk with business students Tuesday, and when one is able to see opportunities such as DiGaetano has so far in his life, surely it is a strong indicator of leadership.