Meyer ICE Winner Profile: Matt Altenberg (LAW ’13)

altenblogAs a Villanova Law Student, Matt Altenberg put emphasis on bridging the gap between Law and Business. He was actively involved with providing communication between law students and business students. After returning from the inaugural Villanova in the Valley trip, he emphasized innovation in law to his fellow classmates.

One of Matt’s greatest accomplishments as a law student was creating and proposing a new law journal to the Villanova Law School. This journal aimed to address and combine new business and law by cultivating new ideas within these two areas. Articles and comments addressed topics such as business of innovation, new product development, business and legal models of innovation, data analytics, social business, corporate finance for start-ups, corporate governance for start-ups, and venture capital growth and stability. Matt’s dedication to bridging the gap between business and law, in addition to fostering entrepreneurship in the field of law, is what led to him receiving the Meyer ICE Award for 2013.

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