Meyer ICE Winner Profile: David Fiorenza (VSB Faculty)

1355864977009David Fiorenza is a professor here at Villanova in the Economics Department. He has dedicated his time to teaching at Villanova for over 20 years. Originally a part- time faculty member, Fiorenza has grown into a wonderful professor for his students. The initiative that Fiorenza has shown extends far beyond his time in the classroom. Not only does he teach on principles of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship he uses them outside the classroom to benefit his students even further.

Professor Fiorenza has brought back several courses that the University had stopped offering, in addition to new relevant courses to today’s society and economy. He became the faculty advisor for a new society on campus called, Business in Entertainment. This society hosts talks on the business side of media and the entertainment world. David Fiorenza won the 2012 Meyer ICE Award because of his dedication to bringing innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship to the classroom.

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