Clutch CEO Ned Moore Offers Advice to Entrepreneurship Students

nedOn Tuesday, February 11, renowned entrepreneur Ned Moore visited the Entrepreneurship Practicum class to talk about his story and offer advice to the student entrepreneurs. Ned Moore graduated Villanova with a degree in Economics and has served as a advisory council member to the Villanova ICE Center since 2011. Ned cofounded Portico Systems, an IT company offering healthcare solutions, in the year 2000. He served as Chairman and CEO until 2012. That year, Ned cofounded Clutch Holdings LLC where he is currently Chairman and CEO. Clutch is a mobile app that allows users to store all their gift cards and coupons in one place. Users can also discover and share great deals through Clutch in a very polished and easy-to-use interface. In addition to these ventures, Ned is Board Director in a number of organizations and has received multiple esteemed awards to recognize his entrepreneurial prowess.

In the Entrepreneurship Practicum course, every student is part of a team that works on developing a real business. Ned led an interactive discussion with these student entrepreneurs to both ask them questions and offer advice based on some of the common struggles he has encountered in his business ventures. Ned asked students if they were being realists in regards to what was needed to bring their businesses to life. He remarked that investors can easily spot entrepreneurs who are not being realists about their businesses and that investors do not trust those businesses with their money. Ned asked students what they knew about financing their venture and offered some simple advice on what to watch out for and what methods of financing are often the best for new ventures.

Ned Moore really focused on the students in his discussion and his personalized remarks will be very helpful as students start their businesses. His conversation covered some common-sense issues that real startups deal with and that all entrepreneurs need to anticipate for. The Entrepreneurship Practicum students are very grateful for Ned Moore’s visit and advice.