Meyer ICE Winner Profile: John Marrah (VSB ’12)

iceawardsJohn Marrah showed great leadership and entrepreneurship throughout his time at Villanova.  As a sophomore, he became the Vice President of the Entrepreneurship Society (VES).  He went on to become President in his junior year and eventually the Chairman on the Board.  John showed great initiative in becoming an entrepreneur.  In 2012, he started the annual Villanova “B-Week”.  A week where the business school honors each of the different majors in the college.  One of his biggest accomplishments as a student was his work with bringing sustainable clean water to areas that do not have access to clean drinking water.  He called this project “Global Sustainable Water”.  This service would bring bottled water to students on campus and the money he received was used to help build water wells in areas that needed it.  He was able to donate $2,500 to the building of these wells within one year.

Many of John Marrah’s peers have said what an incredible person he is to them.  John has the unique ability to show innovation and encourage those around him to help others in a creative way.  “He has an extraordinary capacity to speak from a vision that inspires others to action,” said one peer.  His ability to lead and support others is what will lead him to success and that is why he received the Meyer ICE Award for 2012.

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