Meyer ICE Winner Profile: Alexandria Reo (CON ’13)

Jewellea-9370Alexandria used entrepreneurship to help aid in her studies as a nurse at Villanova.  She did research to help gain knowledge about herbal medicines verse pharmaceutical drugs that are used in our country.  She surveyed people of the Waslala region to help understand the benefits and drawbacks to herbal medicines.  People in this region have been using these types of remedies for centuries but have failed to have any information about the impact it may have.

After conducting research on the side effects of these herbal preparations, Alexandria successfully informed the regions to make sure they know what they are taking and any implication the herbal medications can have on the individual.  She worked with a foundation that will continue to ensure the health concerns that Alexandria has tried to research for them.  By doing this research that will educate the people, it will help them make better informed decision about the medicines they are taking.  Alexandria’s dedication to the nursing field has helped her become an entrepreneur and therefore, a winner of the Meyer ICE Award.


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