Thinking Like a Googler

John Igoe, sharing his Google knowledgeYellow bicycles, sleep pods, and Chrome pillows on purple sofas. Yes, today we were exploring what it meant to be a Google employee, or “Googler”.

To begin the day, we listened to Mr. John Igoe, who is the Director of Real Estate, Design and Construction at Google and is a Villanova alum.

He emphasized how Google has remained true to their vision and core values as a company after going public. They accomplish the goal of having a working environment that fosters innovation through collaboration by creating open working spaces.

Some additional aspects of Google include the microkitchens, which house a plethora of snacks fit for any Googler to not only keep their energy up, but also give them the opportunity to speak with other Googlers outside their normal social and working circles. These encounters over food aided in the creation of this idea-sharing environment that Google prides itself on.

Google’s culture of a shared environment also includes open offices that allow people to interact with each other and not only build interesting concepts but solid relationships with their fellow Googlers. This company is unique in their belief that having employees create the best ideas possible when they are feeding off each other’s passion, which is refreshing.

Besides Google’s working environment, I was surprised to learn how committed the company is to sustainable food. I was excited to hear how Google chefs use local, organic ingredients that not only provide Googlers with a delicious meal (as we were lucky enough to try!) but also support local farmers in the surrounding community. Even the Google garden in the center of the Google buildings is a testament to their commitment to this wonderful movement to sustainability.

Finally, as a nursing major, I was curious about how Googlers maintained a healthy lifestyle. Mr. Igoe explained that Google has three main goals for Googlers that include the overall Googler experience, a healthy experience, and achieving these two experiences as sustainably as possible. Googlers bike to work, play volleyball during breaks and have access to gyms on site. I was also happy to learn that Google measures the particulate matter in their buildings to assess the quality of air their patients are breathing on a daily basis. This spoke to their commitment as a company to their employees’ well being.

Overall, I loved experiencing the life of a Googler for a few hours today and learning about all the impressive values that Google stands for.