The Entrepreneurial Journey

Bumebox CEO and Founder Jon FahrnerEver feel like you were up against the world? Well, that phase of classic teenage rebellion can be an essential component for entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Today, our Villanova in the Valley cohort had the privilege of visiting with a new start up company, Bumebox. Bumebox is a company that is revolutionizing media promotion. What stood out to me during our conversation with the founder and CEO Jon Fahrner was when he spoke to us about what he called the “Entrepreneurial Journey.”

Fahrner described the Entrepreneurial Journey as the steps that most entrepreneurs face when starting a new company, specifically in Silicon Valley. The four steps that he shared with us were as follows:

1) The Crazy Idea- The first step in the Entrepreneurial Journey is when the entrepreneur comes up with the idea that gets the ball rolling. This idea is usually considered impossible and a little insane by most other people. An example that Fahrner gave us from Zappos was their crazy idea of selling shoes online, which had never been heard of before at the time. Everyone thought this idea was crazy and wouldn’t work, but we all know that this crazy idea was a success.

2) Opposition- The second step following the crazy idea is opposition. This is the part of the Entrepreneurial Journey when it may feel like the world is against you. At this point, most people will tell you that your crazy idea is never going to work. However, Fahrner explained that as unsettling as this is, this is part of the Entrepreneurial Journey and can even be a good thing!

3) Entrepreneurial Secret- This third step in the Entrepreneurial Journey was the part that I thought was the most interesting of all. Fahrner explained that the Entrepreneurial Secret is the one thing that you know that gives you peace of mind, believing that your idea is going to work. This step helps combat the opposition faced in the second step. The example that Fahrner gave us was from Zappos, where their entrepreneurial secret for creating an online shoe store was that there was already a significant amount of the population that purchased shoes through catalogs. This solidified the belief that selling shoes online would succeed, even when everyone else believed it would fail. Fahrner encouraged us to try thinking about what the Entrepreneurial Secret is for some of our favorite companies!

4) Unmistakable Momentum- The final step of the Entrepreneurial Journey is when everything comes together for the start up. This is when the company starts gaining momentum and growing exponentially. It also marks the end of the Entrepreneurial Journey and shows the success of the startup. After this phase, different business models come into play as the startup transitions into a flourishing company.
Fahrner’s descriptions of the Entrepreneurial Journey were incredibly helpful to us and I hope some other people find it useful as well!

Bumebox's headquarters, aka "The Cage"

Bumebox’s headquarters, aka “The Cage”