May the Salesforce Be With You

salesforceTalk about forcing sales. is an unbelievable leader in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market. Their secret, according to our speaker Genevieve Weber, the Director of Sales Strategy and Business Operations, is their use of…the CLOUD.

CRM. produces CRM software, which almost all companies use to gather customer feedback and engage in internal employee management. I kid you not; their software is so competitive that “Only companies who use are [in one of the employee’s mind] considered competitive companies.” This truth is supported by many of our Villanova Alums.

The company.

They have grown from 5,000 to almost 10,000 employees in three years. I would say this is definitely a company to look out for, or even invest in. After doing a poll as to what company, for the day, each of the VinV students would invest in, won.

Food for thought.

The cloud.

If you are not familiar with thee cloud, do not worry, you are not alone. After discussing it over some fresh San Francisco bay Crab, I learned that it is a physical compilation of servers housed in a large data center that allows the exchange and storage of data. Its presence is revolutionary in comparison to the bulky hardware of the past.

The food.

There was no shortage of surprises when it came to our trip to the San Francisco Piers later that evening. Not only did we have deliciously fresh seafood at Capurro’s, we also ate ice cream at Ghirardelli’s. The term was coined, “The Villanova In the Valley fifteen”, but I digress. After a wrap up at the Golden Gate Bridge, I hit the pillow full of knowledge, inspiration, and chocolate. What could be better?


Alyssa Nazar at Ghiradelli

Liz Long and Liz Tyhacz

Liz Long and Liz Tyhacz