FireEye: Fighting for the Safety of our Internet

IMG_1441On Wednesday we visited FireEye, a network security company that fights against malware and other cyber threats. Some of it’s customers include the U.S. government, Sallie Mae, and universities such as Villanova. We were fortunate enough to meet with CEO Dave DeWalt who was able to tell the group more about his company and how he got to the position he was at now. Also at the meeting was Villanova alumnus Christina Foley.

Mr. DeWalt was able to shed some light on the importance of FireEye to the rest of the world. He explained that he worked with President Obama directly as a member of his National Security Council. This fact alone explains the importance of FireEye’s role to society. They provide customers an advanced platform with innovative technologies to keep cyber threats at bay. Along with informing the group about the basic functions of FireEye, Mr. DeWalt also shared how he ended up working in the Silicon Valley. He explained that, after graduating from the University of Delaware, he packed his bags for California with no real plan in mind. After hard work, dedication, and much persistence, he was able to rise through the ranks and ended up becoming the CEO of McAfee and eventually FireEye. The personal story that he shared served as a source of great inspiration. I know that, after listening to Mr. DeWalt speak, I felt empowered to set goals for myself and do everything I could to accomplish them.

Another thing Mr. Dewalt spoke about was the importance of entering into a growing industry so that you can be innovative and challenged everyday. Mr. Dewalt loves to come to work, and his extraordinary work ethic permeates the company—-Christina Foley asserted that she wants to work harder at her job in order to equal the amount of work that he does for the company. His passion for what he does was evident, which was more inspiring than simply hearing executives say that you have to be passionate about what you’re doing. Overall, the visit provided a great deal of insight into a quickly growing industry that will only increase in importance over time.