Changing Lives Through Biotechnology

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These words just scratch the surface of how dermatologic biotech companies can make a difference by providing their clients with medications to combat acne and inflammatory skin disorders. Dermira is a private biotech company founded in 2010 whose mission is to create and commercialize innovative new therapies in dermatology.

Luis Pena, co-founder and VP of Product Development, began the presentation by explaining the extensive process that drugs must go through in order to eventually be FDA approved and available to the public. Mr. Pena emphasized that in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, it is important to achieve success in short term final projects in order to obtain capital needed for the next phases in drug development.

I was intrigued by the fact that Dermira also is focused on being a fully integrated company by providing everything from drug development to marketing. I believe that this shows the dedication of such a company to form and promote their product in the marketplace.

Currently, medications such as Accutane are being used in the market to treat moderate to severe forms of acne. However this medication has severe side effects that can take a toll on the body. Dermira is looking to greatly reduce these side effects by creating a topical medication that successfully treats acne at a specific site.

Hans Hofland, PhD, Vice President of Research gave an in-depth presentation of one of their developing acne medications, DRM01. This medication decreases sebum, an oily substance produced by the skin, which leads to a decrease in acne. It was fascinating to learn how excess skin from plastic surgeries can be used to test DRM01. I’m glad that tummy tucks are advancing science.

Overall, it was inspiring to learn about how technology is advancing science and helping people manage these medical conditions.