Dan Lammot (LAS ’98) Speaks About Meaningful Work

lammotTuesday December 3rd, 2013 brought a very inspiring and motivating ICE CaPS presentation as Dan Lammot presented his view on “Meaningful Work.”  Mr. Lammot was a graduate of the college of Arts and Sciences from Villanova University in 1998 and is clearly a successful businessman noted by the fact that he has started 2 companies and has worked in 4 continents traveling to 15 countries.  He was certainly qualified to provide us with his insight on finding work that is both challenging and financially stable all the while being meaningful in a larger sense than the job itself.  Currently Mr. Lammot works for roundCorner, a company that works with non-profits to provide them successful constituent relationship management solutions in their organizations.  However, his presentation focused more directly with his belief that recently graduating students and current members should find work that is meaningful to them rather than finding the job that will help them acquire the largest amount of cash.

Mr. Lammot began his seminar by showing us that high paying jobs do not always lead to high satisfaction.  Furthermore, those who actually hold the jobs that society deems highly valuable often admit their jobs are not very meaningful at all.  Mr. Lammot had us contemplate the balance between  money and meaning.  He did not argue that we cannot have both but rather said that we can still make a substantial impact without just donating money.  Moreover, Mr. Lammot brought up that oftentimes those who ascend the corporate ladder seem to wait until they are very financially successful to start giving back to society.  While this is still a positive and selfless action, Mr. Lammot challenged us ICE CaPS members to strive to begin giving back now and that we should be mindful of this balance as we begin our careers.

Finally, Mr. Lammot discussed with us the difference in connotations between job and work.  He urged us to find work rather than a job.  He voiced that if we find something we really love that is meaningful to us, than even though it may require a lot of work, it will still never feel like a job.

As a sophomore beginning to search for internships and planning to eventually enter the workforce, the messages Mr. Lammot relayed were very powerful.  Oftentimes, it may seem many forces are leading one towards a specific job path, but to hear a seminar from such a successful businessman, shows that it really is possible to find work that is meaningful, significant and in line with  whatever passions you may have.