Villanova Students Put Imagination and Creativity in Overdrive

From noon on Saturday, November 16 until noon on Sunday, November 17, twenty-six Villanova University students found themselves pushed and prodded, questioned and judged, exhausted and exhilarated by the whirlwind of entrepreneurial activity known as 24 HR Imagination Quest. Now in its second year, this campus-wide competition challenges student teams to identify an opportunity, develop an idea, examine its technical and business feasibility, create a top-level design, produce a business pitch, create a simple prototype and take part in a judged tradeshow—all in just 24 hours. Combining aspects of The Amazing Race, Shark Tank, The Apprentice and Fear Factor television shows, students who accept the challenge put their imaginations to use and have fun while applying the concepts of brainstorming, marketing, prototype development and presentation skills.

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