ICE Challenge IdeaBounce® Recap

2013.11.20 (33)On November 20, the Villanova ICE Center hosted the annual ICE Challenge IdeaBounce®, sponsored by the Ideas x Innovation Network.  Students from the Villanova School of Business and Villanova College of Engineering were asked to participate in the event.  In class, students came up with a product and competed against their classmates.  Each section selected its winners, and they were invited to participate and present their ideas to a panel of judges.  This year, the panel consisted of nine judges (Sean Daly of Lead Collective, Gary Gabriele Dean of the College of Engineering, Melinda German Associate Dean in the School of Business, Patrick Maggitti Dean of the School of Business, Clint Norris of BC International, David Oneglia from O&G Industries, Tom Sklow of Liberty Property Trust/i2n Board member, Dan Taylor from Taylor Investment Management, and Randy Weinstein Associate Dean from the College of Engineering). All the participants were given 90 seconds to pitch their topic and be scored.  Judges were scoring based on the clarity of the idea, the enthusiasm about the product, and how well they communicated the help they would need to complete their project.  Once the presentations were complete, an open mic portion followed.  During this time, two additional groups stepped up to let the judges hear their ideas that had a lot of potential.

At the conclusion of the event, students and judges were invited to attend a reception to further discuss any ideas and plans they had for their product.  During this time votes were counted, and the winners were announced.  The top VSB group was the Magic Carpet (a newly designed carpet that could inflate to a bed whenever it is needed), and the College of Engineering team with the highest score was the Turbo Trash 5000 (this newly designed fully automated trash can brings your trash outside on its own when it’s full). 

The remaining top 5 finishers (in no particular order) included Concussion Detecting and Preventing Mouth Guards, deTXT, and Train Rooster. All winning team members received $100. Overall, this event was a great success and we encourage anyone else with new ideas to post at the Villanova IdeaBounce® website and enter the Villanova Student Entrepreneurship Competition.

Thanks again to the Ideas x Innovation Network for sponsoring this event and to all the students, judges, faculty, and staff who participated.

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