IdeaBounce® recap from 9/23

On September 23, 2013, the ICE Center hosted an IdeaBounce® for students, faculty, staff and community members interested in new and innovative ideas. Students from across campus (including Computing Sciences, Engineering, VSB and more) were on hand and ready to share ideas and collaborate with others. The event began with advice from Dan Lammot, an ICE Center advisory council member, CEO of roundCorner, INC and successful entrepreneur. He advised students to “divert a river instead of digging a well,” explaining that it is much easier to perfect an already existing idea than to start a brand new one. After his introduction, people shared their creative ideas in two minutes or less. The presenters included students looking for feedback and already successful entrepreneurs looking for help from students with special interests such as programming. Ideas ranged from new social media apps that would allow you to communicate and locate events in your area to clothes hangers with sensors to prevent clothes from falling off ever again. After the presentations were over, a reception followed. The reception was a great opportunity for the presenters to network and receive advice from entrepreneurs and their fellow students. You did not have to have an idea to attend. The next IdeaBounce® event is the ICE Challenge on November 20th. Look for more information on the ICE website.