There’s an “Ad” for That: My Adventures in Using Social Media to Land a Summer Internship

Don’t even bother trying, they told me.

Take the summer off, they said, and just enjoy yourself.

A summer internship in Manhattan. That was the elusive prize they told me I couldn’t have. The conventional wisdom went: They don’t hire freshmen as interns. Even more discouraging was the belief that the most highly desirable internships only went to rich upperclassmen whose parents were “somebody who knew somebody.”

This only made me more determined to fight the old Conventional Wisdom. Look, as college students, we’re bombarded with scuttlebutt on how competitive the job market is in the Real World. We’re immersed in the horror stories of crippling student debt and diminished career prospects for us future college graduates.

So in March, I set my mind to overcoming the Freshman Factor and finding a meaningful internship. But how?

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